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Accreditation services



         Cost of service for foreign economic activity subject's accreditation in Kiev: 

  •  cost for accreditation services for companies in Kyiv Customs = 300 UA (including VAT) 

  •  cost for accreditation services for companies Kyiv Customs at the conclusion of the agreement to customs declaration = 150      UAH (including VAT)

  •  the cost for accreditation services for companies in Kyiv Customs in case of signing the agreement for customs declaration  and the application form for cargo transportation =1 UAH!  the cost of customs clearence at the Kiev customes (Kiev region and  Boryspil) - up to 250 UAH for each of the proposals, described above.

              Documents list :

  • Articles of Association (original docs) and an extract from the Charter (the Charter will issue anextract from our staff, for p rocessing need to send a scan of the front page and the page where it says about the foreign economic activity) - for legal entities, an extract from the Unified Register (original) - for selfemployed.

  • Certificate from statistical authorities - the original and the copy, certified by the seal of the enterprise legal persons (selfemployed no need)

  • Passports copies (the first and second page) and identification codes manager, chief accountant (if any) of the person authorized to work with the customs authorities (if available) or reliable data from the first and second pages of the passport. 

  •  Information about the settlement and currency accounts.

  •  Individual Tax Number (if any), certificate of single tax payer (if available) - scanned copies.

  •  Register of documents submitted for registration to the customs authorities (formalize our staff).

  •  Two copies of the registration card and an electronic copy in a format compatiblewith the program of the customs authoritie s "Inspector 2006" ( Mdoffice or Qdpro) 



              Your employees does not design require the presence at customs clesrance, time schedule 1 day.


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